10 2018

Exemed became a sponsor of the Beskids Group of GOPR

From now on, GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue) rescuers will be equipped with ExeMed powerful TelePulse II medical devices, which will greatly help to rescue people in a dangerous situation in the mountains. Rescue actions will be supported by a real-time, continuous analysis of the patient's condition and effective signaling in case a threat has been detected. See a short photographic coverage of celebration of the start of the sponsorship.




09 2018

PulseGrid II is back!

Watch another film presenting our cardiological patient monitoring system in action, and the way it is manufactured. This film also features company employees - ExeMed driving force!


08 2018

New office location

Another special event is behind us. We have just moved our office to the new location! Over the past month, our work has focused on completion of organizational elements. See the effects…


07 2018


After successful tests, we have enriched PulseGrid II with a new valuable feature – detection of cardiostimulator.

Thanks to that, in patients with cardiostimulators, we are now able to track occurrences of the cardiostimulator peaks and also verify the occurrence of QRS complex caused by the signal from the cardiostimulator.

This cardiac stimulator detection has joined the already big family of Holter analysis algorithms implemented in PulseGrid II, which now detects 17 different types of arrhythmias. PulseGrid II also uses real time monitoring algorithms, that recognize 10 different, potentially dangerous events.