The Holter mode of the PulseGrid II solution allows you to perform patient ECG tests lasting from 24h to even 30 days!
Thanks to advanced technologies and applied mechanisms, the Holter application guarantees a quick review and reclassification of beats and arrhythmias.
The cardiologist's time saving is also guaranteed by remote access to the application and a reduced number of artifacts.


The most important system functionalities

  • Holter from 24 h to 30 days
  • Remote access to the Holter application from anywhere with internet access
  • Effective ECG signal analysis including accurate detection of beats and arrhythmias
  • Identification of 17 arrhythmias; Detection and analysis of ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmia classes, pauses, bradycardia, tachycardia, bigeminy, trigeminy and other cardiological events
  • Detection of atrial fibrillation
  • Morphology of ventricular beats
  • "Pattern" functionality enabling quick classification of selected beats
  • Cardiac pacemaker detection
  • Booster charts with "Pattern" functionality
  • Beats grouping - enabling quick reclassification of beats - based on "Machine Learning" mechanisms
  • QT analysis, ST analysis, HRV analysis
  • The option of channel selection and rescanning
  • Option to send an "event" during a Holter examination
  • Electronic patient diary; data sent to the Holter application
  • The ability to modify the scan parameters
  • Possibility of previewing the ECG on the device screen during the examination
  • Detection of rare incidents difficult to detect by Holter 24h or 48h
  • Possibility to view historical patient examinations
  • Interactive report with the ability to quickly edit the examination

The most important technical data

50 Hz filter - filter out electromagnetic interference
Detection of no electrode contact with the patient
Lead cables: 5-electrode connection cable (electrodes: LA, RA, LL, RL, V)
Working time on one battery: 120 hours
High signal quality - AC / DC converter resolution: 24 bits
Wired Holter file transmission after the examination
Signal measurement accuracy: <0.5%
Weight of the device with battery: 150 g
Device dimensions: 2,5cm x 7,5cm x 9,5cm
Device display: 1.5 inches
Other device parameters: high quality wiring connector (difficult to damage), robust casing